Correct Lingo, a Copywriting and Localization Agency, Helps Clients Reach Global Markets

Correct Lingo takes copywriting to another level by localizing content into multiple languages. By making content suitable for any local culture, your business’s SEO and global reach improve.”  

London, United Kingdom – December 18, 2018: Correct Lingo, a copywriting and localization agency that provides persuasive copies and SEO content to businesses, helps its clients reach global markets by localizing content into multiple languages for various local cultures.

Correct Lingo goes beyond the competition by providing opportunities for clients and their content to reach global markets with their unique localization services. Correct Lingo’s linguists can translate content into multiple languages, ensuring the style of your message is unique to the local culture – a factor key in improving understanding and interactions prospective customers have with your business. This gives your content global reach and the attention it deserves. With prices that are competitive, yet affordable, Correct Lingo never compromises on quality and is proud of the services it offers – as are its clients.

Correct Lingo only works with qualified writers and linguists, each one having a minimum of three years of experience. Collectively, the team has 12+ years of experience in freelance writing and translation. This gives each team member a wealth of knowledge to bring to projects.

“I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful, hard-working, and motivating team. I see great things ahead and have full conviction in the success of this company” said Madinah Conde, founder and CEO of Correct Lingo Ltd. “One thing people often fail to realize is that the success of any company heavily relies on the work ethic and satisfaction of its team. Happy team creates happy customers.”

Are you looking for SEO-optimized content that is also localized for specific markets? Are you trying to expand your business’s global reach? Visit Correct Lingo online at for more information.



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