Our Story

12+ years of experience in language and writing

We’re a team of copywriters and linguists with 12+ years of collective experience in writing and translation. After years of freelancing, forming a company was the next step in our career. Writing to us is more than just a career. We have great passion for it and love helping businesses like yours turn their content into captivating call-to-actions that generate traffic and sales.

About Us

Correct Lingo is a global copywriting and multilingual localization agency and our goal is to connect businesses to the world. We always work hard to deliver the best quality services, fast and at an affordable rate. Our mission is to help you communicate your business to a wider and global market through professional localization and powerful content writing that stands out. If you’re looking for an agency that only works with a small group of experts, then you’re in the right place. We do NOT have thousands of employees  because we only focus on the best.

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